Commercial Licence

A Commercial Pilots License is a career step.  It allows a pilot who loves flying to outwork this as we know in the industry as “working for hire or reward” – the Pilot can earn a living by using his or her talents to fly in a range of different roles.

Utility Helicopters will tailor a training course to teach you all the practical and theoretical skills required to achieve your CPL.  Should you choose to fly full time and have no previous flying experience then the course will take around nine months to complete.  At Utility Helicopters our class sizes are always small to give you maximum face time with your instructors and to get you through the course in a time frame that suit your budget and existing life workload.

The course consists of 7 theoretical subjects that you can either study full time (recommended) at our Ground school or you can choose to study part time and spread out the practical component to fit your commitments.  Please see our Ground School Page for further details.

For pilots who are new to aviation the course starts with a Private Pilots License where you learn to fly the helicopter for recreational use first.

You then join our Commercial course and fine tune your skills and learn to manipulate the helicopter to suit your needs. Our teaching involves scenario based learning.  We teach our lessons with practical real world scenarios, not just to fill your logbook and get you test ready.  It is our ethos that a graduated student should leave our school with sound judgement, knowledge of his or her limitations, and be a safe effective pilot.  These attributes can only be taught if you are taught with scenario based learning.

As our Instructors are also Commercial Pilots and Utility Helicopters is heavily involved with two other Utility and Charter companies, you will be invited to participate in Commercial jobs with your instructor whenever possible.  You could be assisting with planning for shot notice photography jobs, managing ground loading and aerial operations at public events, assisting on lifting operations, assisting with fire fighting or flood relief.

At Utility Helicopters, as we are involved with all of these you will also be exposed to these parts of the industry giving you a polished and well rounded entry into the aviation sector.

Our instructors will never say “in the real world” because the real world is our world!

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