Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain a PPL(H) / CPL(H) licence?

This depends on the time you can make available for both the practical and theoretical training. If you are training and studying full-time (flying at least twice per day to maintain momentum), you could expect to complete your PPL-H in 3 months and a CPL-H in 6 months. This is only a guide and will vary on an individual basis.

Do I have to train in one kind of helicopter?

You must complete the first 15 hours of training in one kind of helicopter and for the CPL 105-hour course you can train in a maximum of two kinds, minimum of 20 hours in each type.

Where do I go for my ARN?

Where can I apply for my ASIC?

Where do I go for a medical?

Arrange this early on in your training as they can take a while to come through.


Where can I get information on a medical?

How do I study theory?

There are a few different methods:

  • Advanced Flight Theory (AFT) are a training school based on the Sunshine Coast that runs CPL theory courses for all 7 subjects all year round.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the AFT distance learning course that includes all relevant training materials.
  • You can either study at home at your own pace or come into our hangar to self-study free of charge. If you choose this option, you can book in for extra tutoring with our instructors if you need further assistance.
  • Utility Heli CPL course – We offer full CPL courses for all 7 subjects, however, we advise you to contact us to check availability.


  • Utility Heli offer a 1.5 week PPL training course covering all 7 subjects required followed by the 1 x required CASA exam – contact us to check availability
  • Self-study – You can purchase a distance helicopter theory pack and study at your own pace, then come in to sit your CASA exam Self-study + tutoring –
  • Purchase a helicopter distance theory pack and then come and study at our hangar free of charge. You can then purchase additional tutoring as required.
Can I transfer my international helicopter licence to Australia? (International licence conversions)

Please visit the following link for a step by step guide:

I live overseas but want to get a visa and do a PPL/CPL course with utility helicopters, is this possible?

Doing your training with us will only be possible once you have obtained your visa. We are unable to help you with the visa process as we are not an accredited institution. For more information, please visit:

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